Mike Rowe and Walmart Team Up To Bring Job’s Back To America

Last week, Walmart released an ad, narrated by Mike Rowe who has partned with the store, to announce a multi-billion dollar project that the company is undertaking to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States of America.

Below is one of the many videos they released in conjunction with the new project.

It is encouraging to see a company put a substantial amount of money toward putting hardworking American’s back to work.  This is something that is needed in this time.  And I must add that this is the way to get jobs back.  For the private business sector to work to provide more jobs, and not the government.  I’m sure that some in government may have good intentions, but they should really keep their noses out of what they don’t know.  And learn that government doesn’t create jobs.

For America’s sake, I hope that this project is successful and puts many good working men and women back to work, so they can support their families.


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