Coca-Cola’s “America Is Beautiful” Ad Normalizes Homosexuality


Simply put, the ad that Coca-Cola ran during the Super Bowl was a piece of propaganda.

It started off with what sounded like a beautiful rendition of America the Beautiful, but then quickly broke off into a multilingual version of the song that left me puzzled and feeling a little uncomfortable. I chose to continue watching and see what it portrayed. It was over halfway and it seemed fine, but then, near the end came the part that I was uncomfortable with.

In the middle of all of the normalcy of the scenes, was showed a gay couple with a daughter roller skating and then hugging. This, not the multilingual America the Beautiful song, is what troubled me the most. Because the whole video was meant to portray America and give that old time Americana feel. And then it had that scene. What that all together meant to me, is that they are normalizing homosexuality and gay parenting. Making it seem like a normal thing in American society, when it clearly is not. That is not the America I know and love. This is why it is propaganda, because it promotes normalcy of something that was classified as a mental illness and in issue up until 50 years ago. In that span of time it has quickly been shown as main stream, and it is very troubling.

This is what we should be troubled most about, it is not the multilingual song, but this scene among the other scenes of a normal American family and activities/events. I can get over the multilingual song as it does represent the melting pot that America always has been. Sure it is weird, but at least they kept God in the song.

That is what we should focus on. Be upset for the right reason.

We now need to send a message loud and clear to Coca-Cola that this is not the America we know. That they portrayed it wrong and missed the mark.

2 thoughts on “Coca-Cola’s “America Is Beautiful” Ad Normalizes Homosexuality

  1. Clare Flourish February 5, 2014 / 8:13 am

    Oh wow. It is so quick. I did not spot it. I watched the ad several times after I saw your headline, and needed to repeatedly pause it even to be clear that the two men are gay.

    The reason that they do this is that they get a great deal of negative publicity for sponsoring the Sochi games, in homophobic Russia: it is un-American to sponsor Sochi not because of Communism (so last century) but because of homophobia.

    But- are you overreacting? I would not have noticed, if you had not drawn my attention to it.

    • Shawn_the_Writer February 5, 2014 / 1:27 pm

      I could be over-reacting. It seemed like a big deal at the time when I watched the commercial and wrote this blog post. In my mind, millions of people are watching, and Coke just made gay marriage and parenting a normal American thing.

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