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Pres. Obama’s Absence At Paris Unity March Reveals Lack of Leadership

This past week, a massive rally took place in Paris, France which was attended for over 3 million people, and a little over 40 world leaders.  Including French President Hollande, German Chancellor Merkel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, England Prime Minister James Cameron among others.  But there was one world leader that was noticeably absent.  President Barack Obama, the president of the free world, and a nation that has been fighting the war on terrorism for years.

It would be expected that the leader of the United States then would join one of the largest rally’s, let alone historic, as citizens and leaders took a firm stand against radical Islam.  Any past president, even former president Bill Clinton, would have traveled to Paris to stand with other world leaders.  But Pres. Obama did not.

Instead he stayed home, only releasing statements and speaking on the tragedy.  In doing so, he revealed his true feelings on radical Islam and attacks free speech and free expression.  That he just plain does not care.  About the world-wide attack on free speech and expression, and against humanity as a whole.  If he cared, and believed what he said, he would have taken the first flight to Paris to stand between President Hollande and PM Netanyahu.  He would have stood arm in arm with them and walked in solidarity.

I have hoped that he would do the decent thing and stop hiding behind faux feelings and press releases, and decide to be honest and up front with the American people about his feelings.  But that is a fantasy that will never come to fruition.

It will be interesting to see how White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest will handle the questions that are coming his way.  Gauging from his past briefings, it should be one to watch.

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A Tale of Two Ricks and the Ebola Outbreak

Via the Telegraph

There are two prospective presidential candidates, both named Rick, and whom appear to be similar.  But they are drastically different when it comes to the safety of American citizens.

The two Ricks that I speak of are Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, and Rick Santorum, the former senator from Pennsylvania.  The issue at hand is the Ebola outbreak that has made its way onto the plains of the United States.

Gov. Perry announced on Monday that they will not be pushing for a ban on incoming flights from nations battling Ebola.  He is putting a special task force in place and pushing for additional screenings in airports.  Which is all very similar to the response given by the Obama Administration. (Rick Perry’s plan –

Rick Santorum stated that we must do what is best for the American people.  He says we must place restrictions on incoming flights from West Africa, and to provide assistance for the countries that are battling the disease.  And he also stated that we must be overly cautious as to the people we bring in from that part of the world. (Rick Santorums plan –

There are certainly major differences between how these two potential candidates would deal with the current crisis facing our nation.  Perry would continue to allow the influx of individuals who have contracted the disease to walk into the United States and infect others.  And will only go as far as to put in place new screenings at airports.  Santorum would secure our borders to ensure that America would have the best chance at avoiding the outbreak.  While sending support to the affected nations to help those infected and work towards eradicating the disease.

It is quite clear, that on this issue and others, the two Ricks differ greatly.  Keep this in kind as the Republican presidential primary nears.  Rick Santorum has the safety of American citizens at the forefrunt of his foreign policy plan.  Rick Perry is just mimicking the failed policies of the Obama administration.

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Rick Santorum on Ebola “We have to put Americans first here.”


This past week, Rick Santorum went onto On The Record with Greta Van Susteren.  During the course of the interview Greta asked the former senator and presidential candidate about the situation with Ebola.  Below is the question and Santorums response.

Greta Van Susteren: “If you’re a President of the United States what do you do when you find out there’s been ebola diagnosed in your country?”

Rick Santorum: “You have to rely on the scientists. The same thing with the military. You have to rely on the folks who are your experts in the military to make this decision. Travel restrictions certainly would be very very high on my list. Where people are immigrating from. We know where the hotspot is. We know it’s a danger. We have to do things to protect our country. We have to put Americans first here. Obviously we want to provide help & support for those in West Africa, but we have to make sure that we aren’t bringing people into this country who could have been exposed. If you look at this situation of this person. They didn’t have any symptoms, all the things you would have expected someone with Ebola to have, this person didn’t have. So, that makes you think we have to be overly cautious about what people we bring in from that area of the world.”

Santorum’s response to the situation is very appropriate and contradicts the actions taken by Pres. Obama and his administration.  The administration’s officials have treated the case of the American who traveled home and brought the disease with seemingly no real concern.  Officials have even refused to entertain the idea of banning incoming flights from infected countries.  Where as Rick Santorum realizes the situation we are in and the actions that must be taken.

In cases like this we cannot afford to react after the fact.  We must act and prevent these things from happening, while also sending support and aide to West Africa where the situation is most dire.  Rick Santorum sees this reality and knows what has to be done.

Now, we are forced to go into damage control as the disease exists now within our borders.  This will now make it harder to help West Africa and any more aid workers who may get infected while abroad.

In this case, Rick Santorum is absolutely correct.  We must do what is best for Americans and put our citizens first..  And that is to ban all incoming flights from West Africa, and then to help them fight it.

(At the time of writing this article, a video from the interview was not available.  It will be posted once it is made available.)

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is currently facing a tough challenger in his bid for re-election this November.  The most recent polls point to the two being tied for the position, but past experience says that Walker has an edge and could come out with a victory and retain his seat.  After all, he initially won his bid for governor back in 2010 in a blue state, and then won with even larger margins (53-46) when he faced a recall election in 2012 (though I have to say now that after speaking with a good friend, the recall election might not be a good indicator for whether or not he will win this November.  It was an effort to get people to vote Walker out on a “whim because of all of the horrible things he’s done for the middle class”.  Definitely food for thought that we should take into consideration).

All of this, along with his success in being popular in a state that has been typically lead by Democrats, and being successful in making Wisconsin a right to work state, gives him great recognition and power on the national level.  Whether he could make a successful bid for president in 2016 is currently questionable, though he does have some national support for such a campaign.  There is another position though, that all of the men and women preparing for a run for president in 2016, should have Walker’s name at the top of their list for.  And that is vice president.

It might not seem like a lot, but having someone like Walker on the ticket would make a candidate’s chances (especially a Romney or Romney-lite candidate) much better, as Walker is much more appealing to conservatives.  Also, he could help Republicans win over Wisconsin, a state that has been elusive to the party for many years, and gain some necessary electoral votes.

I hope that the candidate’s take Walker into serious consideration as the prepare to start up their bid for the highest office in the land next year.

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Border Crisis & Indictment Sets Rick Perry Up For Good Presidential Bid

As Gov. Rick Perry of Texas prepares to defend himself in court due to the politically motivated indictment from the Travis County DA’s office, people are wondering if the governor is now down for the count as far as his intended 2016 presidential bid.  I contend that he is not.

Perry has been building himself up quite a lot since his failed run for president in 2012.  How he his handily dealt with the Mexican border crisis and the president, and now how he has chosen to take the indictment on in stride.  He is taking the case seriously, but his mugshot gives the impression of a man who sees right through his accusers and could care less.  Not to mention how he has handled with Texas’ economy and having major business’ move into the state, one by one over the years due to the better economic climate.

Democrats should be very scared of Rick Perry as we get closer to the presidential primary, because all attempts to stop him has only built onto his momentum.  They have pretty much aided him in making people forget his ‘oops’ gaffe during the 2012 primary debates.

I am not saying that he will win the primary, but he is going to have a good wave of momentum and support going into the primary season starting summer 2015.  Maybe I’m overstating it, and he will bomb.  But all the signs show that he is going to be a definite favorite come next year for the Republican presidential primary.

From Fox News

This past week, news broke that two American aide workers, who were working in Africa had contracted the ebola virus.  Pres. Obama, without seeming to bat an eye, rallied support from the military and the CDC to get a special jet sent over with a team ready to bring them back.  These Americans will be the first people ever to be treated with the ebola virus in America.  

At this moment there is already one being treated at an Atlanta hospital.  Little news has been given on his status.

This event, is in very stark contrast compared to other situations in which the president has acted very minimally, or not at all.  There is one case in particular that continues to stand out.  Benghazi.

In Benghazi we had four Americans fighting for their lives against terrorists who were bombing and shooting at the CIA Annex.  They fought for seven hours, staying alive and asking for help.  All they got from the White House was an order to stand down and that they could do nothing.  Even though we had troops at the ready in Tripoli and off the coast in the Mediterranean Sea, there was supposedly nothing that we could do to save them, for seven hours.

They have tried to gloss over the glaring facts, and give a story that reeks of lies.  The story has been mangled from the beginning, with the president claiming he could not do anything, and then jetting off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas.  While then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice went around saying that the attack had been the result of extremists being upset with a youtube video, which we have found since then, was an outright lie.

The point here is that Pres. Obama, in many situations has acted in a very opportunistic manner.  In sending in support to bring home Americans stricken with ebola he is seeking to earn some positive media.  But in the other cases, there was supposedly no opportunity to save them, which in most of the situations is a lie.

When it comes to hard situations, in which there will be unpopular decisions to be made, the president and his team make the oddest choices.  Which is to either not do anything, or do the least as possible and then spin it hard into a positive.  

I hope one day that Pres. Obama will see the light, or make a good decision for once.  But with 2 years left it is looking less and less likely.

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Rep. Joe Garcia: “We’ve Proved that Communism Works.”

Recently, Congressman Joe Garcia, a congressman who represents Florida’s 26th congressional district, made a statement about communism recently.

In a Google Hangout he spoke with supporters about immigration reform, and got onto communism.  His comment was this. “We’ve proved that communism works.”

Watch the video below for his full comments:

One person who commented on the video had this to say:

 As someone who grew up in Communist occupied Poland, who’s land was stolen by the government in the name of collective common good and classless society, anyone who says “communism works” deserves a one way ticket to North Korea.
At least now there are Democrats who are no longer hiding the fact that they favor communism and believe that it is a great method.
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Trey Gowdy Takes Down The Media In Just 3 Minutes

In a press conference this past weekend on the Benghazi select committee that was recently approved.  Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, who is the chairman of the committee spoke directly to the media, and gave them a verbal smack down.

He started off with quoting the president on Benghazi and how he said that “justice will be done”, and “We’re investigating exactly what happened, but my biggest priority now is bringing those folks to justice”.  Stressing that both statements by the president were made over 1 year ago.

Then went straight into the questioning the reporters.  Below is a video of Rep. Gowdy silencing media reporters in just three minutes.


Rep. Trey Gowdy is exactly the type of person we need in DC to be the blunt and truthful person who doesn’t care if the truth is going to hurt you.  And who is not afraid to step up and make unpopular comments.  We need more representatives and politicians like Mr. Gowdy, then we would have true transparency and actually know what the truth of what is going on.

And if you thought that the press conference was something to watch, then I highly suggest you plan to watch the hearings on Benghazi, because it is going to be a do not miss hearing.  I have a feeling that Trey Gowdy is going to be very successful in helping further shed light on Benghazi.

In a new ad put out by Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord this week, he goes after Tom Wolf by name, and hints at Allyson Schwartz and Katie McGinty.  All of whom are currently in what is quickly becoming a heated race for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

McCord, who is already known to not be on good terms with Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, has chosen to pick out Tom Wolf, (a businessman from York County) who is currently leading the pack of candidates.  In the ad, titled ‘Sucker’, McCord says that “Tom Wolf and the others would leave hundreds of millions of dollars in the Drillers’ pockets.  That’s a bad deal for Pennsylvania.  I’m tired of being played for a sucker.”  This marks the first time in this primary race that a candidate has gone negative against their opponent.  Wolf, Schwartz and McGinty have all put out rather positive and pleasant add’s, while McCord has chosen to take a more blunt path.  View the ad below-

Also, mentioned in the ad, is his plan to put a 10% tax on drillers in the state.  A terrible plan that will chase good jobs and companies away that this state so desperately needs.

I have a strong suspicion that this will backfire on him, which is not a good thing since he has been found landing in 3rd place among the majority of polling data that has been done by Franklin & Marshall and Harper, only garnering 8%.  While Wolf continues to lead the pack with a 40% lead (PA Democrat Primary Data-RCP).

If there is  anything that I have learned over my years of helping campaigns and watching elections, it is that people aren’t all that fond of politicians when they go negative.  Especially when they feel they have been berated with it in the past, and most certainly when there is a candidate who can claim the role of non-politician in the race, and appear to rise above the fray.

Though honestly, this was always McCord’s race to lose as he stood up against an uphill battle with just Allyson Schwartz in the race.  Then Wolf entered and crushed any chances he had.  This Democratic primary race is now between the Congresswoman and the businessman.

There have been many articles and much shared words on blogs and throughout social media.  So I just humbly offer my thoughts into the pool of the many given.

This past week, Brendan Eich resigned as CEO of Mozilla as most of you are probably well aware.  He left over internal and external pressure, because in 2008 he donated to help Proposition 8 in California, a proposition which defines marriage between a man and a woman.

I find myself this week, agreeing with some gay rights activists on this story.  Sure we may not agree, but shutting anyone out is a very wrong thing to do.  We all have the right to free speech, to speak of our beliefs freely without being silenced.  That is what our founding fathers wanted for our nation, knowing that where they had come from, limiting speech was wrong.

One gay rights activist said this week that the actions taken by Mozilla and gay rights individuals makes them no better than the anti-gay rights campaigns of the past, working to shut up the opposition.  This is the wrong way to go about things.

Though I am a devout Catholic, and hold firm to my beliefs.  I still believe that we all in this nation should retain the right to whatever they believe.  Whether they be gay, straight, Catholic, Atheist.  Even CEO’s, business owners, store clerks and servers.  We all share the same rights to hold fast to our own beliefs.  Do I agree with everyone?  No.  But does that mean I should cut off their right to free speech?  Certainly not.

We must come to an understanding in this country that we are all created equal, it’s in the very words our founding fathers handed down to us in the Constitution.  Only when we wash away the stain of political correctness which has plagued this nation for years can we see each other clearly, and maybe then we can come to an understanding.

Political correctness get’s in the way of moving our nation forward.  It is a belief that is hurting the free speech that we have.  Shutting someone out because their words might ‘offend’ or ‘hurt’ an individuals or groups feelings is what brings us down.

Once we eradicate political correctness, it will help us take a step forward.

After all.  Free speech is there to protect the people we perceive as crazy or stupid.  If the crazy man on the corner no longer has a right to speak freely.  Then we have lost.

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