Marco Rubio To Make Presidential Campaign Announcement On Monday

Marco Rubio has put out a contest on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, offering individuals the chance to win the opportunity to be flown down to Florida for his big announcement on Monday (April 13th).  And has been urging his twitter followers and supporters to sign up to the ‘first to know’.

This can only be expected as Rubio’s announcement for his expected run for president.  This has been expected for sometime as rumor’s have surfaced that he wasn’t looking to run for re-election next year.  So with the news of his not running for re-election, it would make sense that the junior senator from Florida was preparing to run for President.

He has been considered a contender for the parties nomination, having run under the Tea Party banner in 2010.  Though he lost some of that support with his stance on amnesty, he still has stood as a strong leader in the senate.  While not as loud as his colleagues, Senator’s Cruz and Paul (both of which have already announced their candidacy), Rubio has worked hard for American’s while still in the minority party, and now in the majority.

I look forward to his big announcement on Monday, and see what his vision is for the future.

Please comment and tweet me letting me know your thoughts.  Your voices are important.

And Then There Where Two; Rand Paul Officially Enters 2016 Presidential Race

Today Sen. Rand Paul made his official announcement that he is running for president in the Republican primary.  Though it has been widely known to all that he been running for about two weeks.  And for the scrutinizers like myself, saw his launch back in 2013 when he filibustered for 13 hours on the senate floor.

He held an event speaker’s and videos, all focused on him and what he wants to do.  Clips showing his past travels and speeches, highlighting his ideas.  When he got up to the podium, his key word was ‘liberty’ he took to taking swipes at both parties.  He looks to be attempting to take away Sen. Cruz’s lone hold as the constitution loving candidates (though to be clear, any good candidate should love the Constitution and defend it).  Rand pushed his legislation “Read The Bill” legislation, among others.

Watch his speech in the video below:

And to see the full event, you can follow this link- Rand Paul Campaign Announcement – Full Event

He now joins Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) as the only two officially announced candidates for president on the Republican.  Let me know in the comments what you think of Rand as a candidate, and what you thought of his speech.

Why I Am Not Inclined To Support Senator Ted Cruz For President

I know, this comes as quite contrary to how every other conservative is taking the news of Sen. Ted Cruz’s entrance into the 2016 presidential primary.  And I feel that it is necessary to explain why that is.

I do like Sen. Cruz, he seems to be a good father and family man and his heart does look to be in the right place.  But that is not all that is required to make a good president.  I realize that he has experience as in Washington serving at the justice department and has served as solicitor general and now senator in Texas.  But when it comes to his experience in policy and getting things done, he is still very much ‘green’ you could say.

Though passionate he lacks any real accomplishments, I heard a staunch Cruz supporter on the radio last night.  And when he was asked what Cruz has said he would do while running for senate and has accomplished that make him right for the position.  All the individual could say is that he tried hard to fight against Obamacare, that he tried to defund and has tried to fight both parties on the issue.  The key word that comes is tried, which an admirable thing to do, does not give you any record other than a bomb thrower.

Senator Ted Cruz has only been in the senate for two years, and he has yet to put forth any legislation of note, or even cosponsor any legislation.  All he worked to do is use his new platform to project his frustrations with Washington, which though I do share, do not create anything more than the cloud of hot air that hangs heavy over D.C.

I understand that Cruz may see some opening for him in this coming election, and that with the American people beginning their soul searching for a new leader; which may be a conservative leader this time around.  It seems Cruz does not want to wait four or even eight years for a shot at the oval office.  And while that is a bold move, it is likely a mistake.  I would have preferred that he would have chosen to stay and gain knowledge, and develop his gravitas and leadership image.  Individuals such as Jim Demint and Rick Santorum where in the senate for many years and learned a great deal and both men can see things they did right and acknowledge failings.  Rick Santorum namely admitted on the campaign trail last time that he made a mistake in voting for “No Child Left Behind”.  That is what we need in a leader, someone who admits they are human.

Another area that Cruz lacks knowledge in, and one that is important to me, is foreign policy.  Cruz’s knowledge on policy does not go far beyond the U.S. – Mexican border.  And what we need in the next president is someone who knows how to deal world leaders and put America back on the right path.  They need to have the ability to repair our broken image that is in desperate need of repair.  We need someone with that experience, and Ted Cruz has little enough that I don’t feel that comfortable with him taking the helm in such a volatile time in our world.

If Cruz where to have stayed in the senate those eight years, and worked on passing legislation to make America better and change the nation.  Then I would certainly be more inclined to give him a serious look, and I might even endorse him.  But now is not the time for him.

Though, I will say it now, that if he does somehow capture the nomination.  He will certainly have my vote and support.

First In: Ted Cruz Announces His Bid For President On Anniversary of Obamacare

Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced his bid for president in a tweet shortly after midnight, asking for the support of the american people.  Linked with it, a short video of the senator speaking about courageous conservatives and the uphill battle.

Shortly after his announcement he launched his official campaign website,  Though it appears they made a slight miscalculation in not acquiring the dot com domain name, which has been taken by a liberal group that is unknown.

One important note to make is that Sen. Cruz did not pick this date at random.  He picked March 23rd because on this day in 2010, Obamacare was signed into law, and has been a focus of the senators ire.  So it would make sense for him to choose this day to announce as this is his soul issue.

With Sen. Cruz being the first and only candidate in the race, we will see how well he can articulate his vision.  Here below is the first full length video for his campaign posted on his youtube channel.

Rick Santorum’s Statement On Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Address To Congress

VERONA, PA – Former Republican presidential candidate, U.S. Senator, and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum issued the following statement in response to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to a joint-session of Congress.

Rick Santorum said: “I would first and foremost like to thank Prime Minister Netanyahu for accepting Speaker Boehner’s invitation to address Congress. It is critical that our nation’s elected leaders understand the threat posed by the development of an Iranian nuclear program and its impact not just on the United States but on our allies around the World. No nation is more at risk from an Iranian nuclear weapons program than Israel and it is critical that the United States stands side-by-side with the Prime Minister and our Israeli allies at this juncture.”

“Our next President must understand what this President does not – that an Iranian nuclear program is an existential threat to The West. President Obama has refused to recognize and learn who our enemies are, and in the case of Iran it is the radical mullahs who are intent on destroying America. To pacify them with pointless diplomatic negotiations only buys the mullahs time to develop a nuclear program. I agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu; we must take aggressive steps to implement diplomatic and economic sanctions now before it is too late,” Santorum concluded.

Senator Santorum served for 8 years on the Senate Armed Services Committee where he led efforts to transform the American military from a Cold War fighting force to one prepared to deal with the asymmetric threats we face today. Senator Santorum was the author of the Syria Accountability Act and the Iran Freedom and Support Act, which imposed sanction on those rogue regimes. Each bill passed overwhelmingly despite being initially opposed by President Bush and then-Senator Biden. Following his tenure in the Senate, Senator Santorum led a program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center focused on drawing attention to Iran and the Radical Islamist threat facing America and her allies.

Why Carly Fiorina Should Not Run For President

Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, one of the largest tech companies in the world, and also a former senate candidate, is pushing heavily towards a potential run for president in 2016.  While she is great, and a far better option than what the Democrats will be putting up, I have to seriously question why she should be president.  Yes she has gained much experience as the CEO of a worldwide company and worked for numerous boards and charities. But she has no experience when it comes to matters of foreign and national policy.

I do not believe she should run for president.  Mainly because there is a good opportunity opening up for her in California.  I am not speaking of Sen. Barbara Boxer retiring in 2016, which is a seat that Fiorina has run for once in the past and lost.  I’m talking about the governor seat California governor seat which is opening up in 2018 as current governor, Jerry Brown, is term limited.

Running for governor might be a far better option for her than jumping right into a presidential race.  The positives about running for governor is that she already has experience running a statewide campaign in California and has roots their.  And after the reign of Gov. Brown there appear to be some people who are thirsting for change in the governors mansion.  Also, it would give her experience at governing and working with a legislature, and getting a good hold on policy making.

Though a possible run for the empty senate seat in 2016 would not be a bad option.  Being able to hold the title of governor, especially governor of the state of California, would give her great credentials for a future presidential run if she were still open to it, which I imagine she would be.

We will see what will happen in the coming months.  I predict that she will run, but will drop out mid February, before Super Tuesday.  And will make it on to several candidates short lists for who they want to choose as their Vice President.

Conservative Confusion & The Race For 2016

Carson-Cruz experience post
LEFT: Dr. Ben Carson RIGHT: Sen. Ted Cruz (TX)

As we gear up for the 2016 presidential race, conservatives both grassroots and activists and national figures, have begun campaigning in a sense, for who they think is the best candidate for the job.  And some of the choices have made me stop and ponder whether some people are being a little hypocritical when it comes to their chosen candidate and how they have acted in the past.

The issue that I’m getting at is one of experience, namely experience in politics and with certain important policies and issues.  I recall back in 2008 when it was Obama VS. McCain, conservatives went after Obama for his severe lack of experience, and that he was not at all prepared to become the leader of the free world.  Even touting the experience of McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin.

Now fast forward six years, and people are choosing candidates.  Some of the candidates, have been praised for their lack of experience.  Individuals such as Dr. Ben Carson, who rose to national stardom after his public condemnation of Obamacare during his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, Carly Fiorina who was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard and ran unsuccessfully against Sen. Barbara Boxer in 2010, and Senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and Rand Paul (Kentucky).

I pose the question, don’t these people embody what they fought against in 2008, a severe lack of experience and knowledge in key issues and policy making?  The only real difference between Sen. Obama and these individuals is that Obama is liberal his views, and these individuals are all conservative, even libertarian, in their views.

All of the potential candidates I listed above are good people I am sure.  But they are not what we need.  Remember, it was a president with a lack of experience that has gotten us into this mess.  Do you truly think that putting someone like Cruz or Carson into the presidency would be a wise decision with what they would be facing?  It seems that the last six years have made people upset with the workings of Washington, and have only seen the dark side of politicians.  But what they have forgotten is that people with experience have gotten great things done, people who have lived a life a public service and still follow the will of the people.  That seems to have been forgotten, and now we find ourselves pitted against one another in a battle over how politicians gotten us into this mess and how only a non-politician can get us out and no other.  That is a very dangerous view, and one that I oppose.

In such serious times as we are in, it is not good for conservatives to divide and bounce about, going for candidates who present a limited skill set in a world on the brink of chaos, and would need guidance in the matters of policy making and what is needed to be done.

As for Sen. Ted Cruz.  Cruz is a first term senator, who to his credit is a good conservative, a good speaker, but has done nothing in the way of legislation.  I know people like to play the card that they were under a Democrat majority with a Democrat president, but that is no excuse.  It has been proven before that you can pass good legislation if you work hard for it.  Rick Santorum proved that to be true as a Congressman, serving in DC while Bill Clinton occupied the White House, pushing through welfare reform that eventually passed both houses of Congress and was signed into law by Clinton.  So pulling that trick won’t work for Cruz and others.

I would much rather keep Sen. Cruz, Sen. Lee and Sen. Rubio in the senate.  Some of these freshman senators still need to prove themselves in matters of policy and passing good reforms and legislation.  We need someone with a record of accomplishments and success’ in working to pass laws, and not just rhetoric.

In closing I would like to bring up the topic with which I began.  I beg my fellow conservatives to not fall into hypocrisy.  Stay the course, politicians are good people too, we knew this at one point.  Let us clear our vision and move toward the shining city on the hill.